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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Subject:Tribal Dance has taken over my life...
Time:10:05 am.
Here are some flyers to prove it.
I made all of these this fall:

come take this workshop on dec 7th if you fancy! it's gonna be a blast!



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Subject:Top Ten du jour
Time:9:57 am.
Top ten du jour:

1) NAUTCH PROJECT @ TFF with freakin' April Rose
2) Dramatic change and transitions
3) Matchbooks
4) Old River Rising
5) Cooking whole grains in the rice maker
6) dinner with Soy in the arts district downtown
7) being on a campus again
8) american folklore
9) beer, dancing, and bliss with shoop
10) my new bed
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Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Time:3:43 pm.

I bought hair dye today for the first time in ages... the wind is blowing in a different direction or something because I am craving some wildfire streaks. It's the length; I hate it and I am trying to grow it out... maybe some bright touched will distract me. So instead of packing for my big trip to Costa Rica like I should be, I will be dying my hair tonight.

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Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Subject:fire eating dance goodness
Time:12:43 am.

Hi lovely commrades,
All is grand in the world of Cory Marie. Got a bunch of wonderful new music mixes for my birthday. Totally felt all the love and light of all my friends. Se7en is making cute costumes for the steampunk Wigout!. I have a hedonistic date scheduled for Saturday night. My cousin Lisa, who totally rocks hardcore, is coming for a weekend visit. I am going to Costa Rica at the end of August. Xochitl took me to see Dolly Parton on Sunday night. Leila gets back into town today.... yep life is good!!
Check out this awesome video of me EATING FIRE!!

je t'aime....cory marie

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Subject:Top ten du jour
Time:4:28 pm.
1. visiting the CA Millinery Supply store
2. birthdays!
3. true blue friends
4. bliss dance
5. the morning glory vine that has nowhere to go
6. inappropriate reaches
7. wild imaginings
8. unconditional love of animals
9. old pocketwatch from lynn
10. new poi
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Friday, July 25th, 2008

Time:12:03 pm.
"You are expensive - crap is not good enough for you. Time is your luxury. You like to be alone because you like to think. As art lovers and readers you will converse with the highest forms of intelligence. You will form your own opinions and your ideas will be the avant-garde. Ideas will give you power and you will fire the imagination of your friends."
-Vivienne Westwood from "Active Resistance to Propaganda"
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Monday, July 21st, 2008

Subject:cute pic of me and shoop
Time:3:50 pm.
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Subject:fire, party, kitties, c'est la vie!
Time:3:14 pm.
What a weekend! Troupe threw Heather a big old slumber party at my casa on Saturday night. It was insanely fun and exhausting. That seems to be a constantly theme in my life right now - there is just so much good stuff going on. We decorated the house like a little kids birthday party, Curious George themed, if you must know. I made yummy sangria and veggies for grilling and everyone brought tons of yummy feast. Leila brought a beautiful devil's food cake from Porto's. We lounged in the pool and spa; had birthday fun, and talked about all our upcoming shows and ideas. On August 14th we are performing at Wigout - theme is steampunk, so we spent most of the night as a sweatshop factory of fun and knocked out like 4 costume pieces for everyone. Ironically, we didn't even dance that much. We were too excited about the crafting and partying.
Friday night I took a fire safety class from Zoe my poi teacher. It was exciting to spin lit poi for the first time, even if it was just in one plane. Sat night I did a fire wand/fans dance and learned a valuable lesson. Never do a body transfer after you have just been in the pool! I think the chlorine on my skin must have been responsible for a very minor burn on my stomach... it is still ouchy, but not that bad.
I feel like I have every weekend planned out until the middle of September. Most exciting, I am going to Costa Rica at the end of August for a yoga and dance retreat at Pura Vida with Rachel Brice! EXCITING!!!! I've never paid so much money for anything at once, except my car and and my education. crazy, but worth it. yay... I totally need to get out of dodge for a while.
Had a crazy dream about kitties. Emaciated grungy kittens hanging from ribbons under their armpits attached to red helium filled balloons; floating through the air in a train. they floated into my backyard and I popped the balloons and saved the kitties. weird.
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Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Time:2:35 pm.
I took a break dancing class last night. What the heck?
been practicing zils to the like of belle and sebastian.
July 1st...The summer is slipping away...

'Muir spent months at a time wandering the Sierra alone, carrying little more than a blanket, bread and tea as he developed his philosophy of the restorative power of nature on the human spirit.
"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home," Muir wrote. On another occasion he observed: "Nature is always lovely, invincible, glad, whatever is done and suffered by her creatures. All scars she heals, whether in rocks or water or sky or hearts."'
- From Citrine & (6-25-08) LA Times article on Billy Goat, the man who walks ten months a year in the western wilderness.
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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Subject:"Pain works on a sliding scale..."
Time:2:58 pm.
"...so does pleasure in a candy jail.
True love doesn't come around
any more than fate allows
on a monday in ft. lauderdale."
-silver jews

I just bought:
the new Silver Jews album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea.
the new Wolf Parade album, At Mount Zoomer.
and I finally bought Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

I'm totally indie rocking out right now. I love the Silver Jews, listening to them is bringing back all these memories flooding from college, even though this is a totally new album. I think David Berman is a super sexy brilliant poet.
...but I have been SOOOOO sad the past couple of days, I wonder if the nostalgia and the silver jews is fueling that fire. I've been lonely and nihilistic, I need a partner in crime to stir up some trouble with.

to top off this indie rock out, here is a quote by modest mouse about loneliness that I also think about when I am sad about being solo, because near the end, it's how I felt when I was with Eric. You can be lonely even if there are people who love you:

"And I'm lonesome when you're around
And I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself
And I miss you when you're around."


I wrote a dance bio.Collapse )
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Monday, June 16th, 2008

Time:3:50 pm.
Something magical did come my way! I got a great new place. It is a lovely big old house! My apartment in it is tiny tiny, but it is close to perfect. It feels like a NY style apartment meets big craftsman manor. The house was built in 1912, originally as a fourplex, and the owner has really restored the house as closely as he could. All the doors have keyholes... light fixtures are original...original glass in the windows...original wood stairs... and the ceilings are soooo tall. We have an upper unit, so we got a great view. No ghost yet! Free laundry. Gorgeous garden with a rose garden, native plants garden, and an herb garden. Charming artistic neighbors and it's only two blocks away from a gold line stop!!!! Annnnd my commute is only 15/20 minutes now.. I'm so lucky and thankful. And it's a steal at $1200 for a two bedroom. yippppeeeee!!! Thanks so much to everyone for sending the love and the good housing hunting magic my way.
I can't wait to get more settled...

Heather opened a dance studio in Pasadena.
I made the website: www.blissdanceandwellnesscenter.com
I am now taking tribal dance classes like 4 times a week, poi spinning once a week, yoga once a week, it's almost too much I need to cut down somewhere - I just dunno where. And I am also so addicted to the square dance - I want to learn to call...

Way overdue for a top ten list:

1.) having a studio home
2.) having a fabulous home home.
3.) biggest bath tub ever
4.) tito, my new black cat friend
5.) cooking dinner for reaux
6.) the ghost bees
7.) squaredancing
8.) make*believe
9.) sunflowers
10.) chana masala

mmmmmmm chana masala....I am hungry...
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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Time:1:00 am.
Been thinking about this quote a lot lately. Been thinking about ambition and how it can be stifling and stagnating. Really focusing on how the desert isn't filled with pyramids.... just SOME. Keyword some. Sometimes I feel like my grand plan is just too overwhelming. Everything is okay; even my unorthodox ways for now. Everything is on course and will flow along. deep breath.

Sometimes I think
we could have gone on.
All of us. Trying. Forever.

But they didn't fill
the desert with pyramids.
They just built some. Some.

They're not still out there,
building them now. Everyone,
everywhere, gets up, and goes home.

Yet we must not
Diabolize time. Right?
We must not curse the passage of time.

- Jennifer Michael Hecht
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Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Subject:the buzz.
Time:8:42 am.
There is a black fly buzzing around my room and it is posing a challenge to sleep. It is frantic to get out - death frantic. Where is one of those widows when you need some fly control? I guess I should at least accept the fact that a fly in my room is better than a widow nest. What insect plague shall befall us next in our lovely basement home? buzzzzzzzzzzz.buzzzzzzzzz. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. can't wait to move to a new place. The final deadline to be outta this place is June 10th. cross your fingers that something magical comes my way.
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Subject:red as a lobster
Time:8:41 am.
The delicious bruise on my arms is now a muted yellow with a purple twist; soon it will be gone without a trace. The lock where you pulled, no longer stings when I press my hand to my head. The marks are like a treasure map drawn with invisible ink slowly fading away.
Sitting in a sad booth at Red Lobster she asks me what happened. I fell down stairs.
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Subject:up and down pulled all around
Time:8:40 am.
Concrete ribbons pull me around every morning; they tie me up next to the Farmer John death coach and I get the sinking desire to pull hard on my wheel and land under the truck. Danger is a theme; our house is infested with black widows – the joys basement living. I noticed one had built a web in a drainpipe on the side of the house; it was bouncing up and down upon its prey, a grey dead moth. The spider slowly dragged the carcass into the darkness of the pipe; a pretty chilling scene to witness early in the morning. The widows are challenging my “no kill” policy; I am a re-locater. Glass jar with an LP slipped underneath; my song might change if I get stung. Shamefully, I am happy that Auriana is a widow assassin; just like so many others are happy that Farmer John is around to take care of their pig killing. Anyone want to come and visit?
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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Time:5:06 pm.

Sarah and I were just spinning in our skirts on the top of a totally empty parking garage – wind pushing us to and fro. We were putting on an imaginary dance show for the denizens of the tall mirrored bank building. I wonder how many people were sitting at their desks bored to tears only to have their interest perk by silly spinning girls. InnnnnnDUSTry. Dusty concrete IINNNNdustRY. I don’t believe that the top of this particular parking garage has ever had a car parked on it. It is clean white concrete, perfectly suitable for pressing your face against.

Today I am drawing cherries and pineapples and thinking about hard work in the sun and then eating some pineapple with dirty hands. I miss the extremes of New York City. The torture and then the relief - the trial, sentence, and then the freedom. On the west coast everything seems like a straight line, temperate and status quo. I miss hot sticky subways and then blasts of cold showers followed by walking for miles and then collapsing in a park.

Thank you for the craziness I have been blessed to play around with, because recently I created the most dirty secret of my life and it feels euphoric…

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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Subject:preggers, no, not me....
Time:4:59 pm.

My work is like Village of the Damned right now. There are WAY too many ladies with buns in the oven. I am getting really sick of all the mind-numbing baby/mother talk. seriously - gag me with a spoon, it makes me want to barf. I'm not anti-baby, but I am just so uninterested in listening to everyone's dull suburban pregnancy/new born experiences. I can't imagine having kids, although just like gloria steinem getting married, I do reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. But for now, when I hear of someone who is pregnant my intial thought is "sucks to be you," not, "yay! congratulations~!"  no thanks to baby world.  
but YES to pregnancy leave. Can I take pregnancy leave, since I don't plan on getting pregnant like ever? errrr! It's unfair why some things are acceptable to take time off for, while others are deemed unworthy. I swear that the next job I go to, after hire, I am going to front the facade that I have 5 children, my folks live in alaska so I have to go visit them on long trips, and that I have chronic back pain so a weekly chiropractor visit is in order.
Or maybe I just doomed myself to have these very lies be predictions...ahhhhhhhh!!!!

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Friday, March 14th, 2008

Subject:ads blads
Time:1:57 pm.
I just made this ad at work and I really dig it....
I have to make an ad for Seventeen Magazine, and I am getting jerked around and forced to do like 10 different concept designs. This is my favorite, but I don't think it will go through, so I wanted to share it here:

Also I made a poster for Wig Out this month:

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Subject:Walt, not Disney
Time:9:46 am.
"Love the earth and the sun and animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks, stand up for the stupid and the crazy, devote your income and labors to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency."  - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass 

Thanks Citrine for the reminder: http://citrine.vox.com/
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Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Subject:some musings
Time:1:42 pm.
I feel like my life is a road with lots of fog up ahead and I can't see what's coming. I don't have a plan and I don't have a vision. I'm just coasting along and for now all the plans I had been holding in my heart are on hold because los angeles has seduced me once again. Transition is coming - I can feel it. Maybe it's just not the transition I was expecting.
When I am not busy working or dancing, I am always out of the house doing various awesome things. Is my life too fast paced? I feel like I never allow myself down time. Am I trying to protect myself from solitude by constantly filling my life with activities and events? things that make you go hmmmm.
on a less serious note, life has been pretty dang good. Went to a really fun square dance again, went to Lucent L'amour (a burner ravey circus type night), went to the Alvarado speakeasy, got my haircut, crocheted with my mom, went to the snow to Big Bear and Arrowhead with Neomalie and her family. Been dancing like crazy. Lost 5lbs this month. Lovin my new neighborhood and my 20 minute commute. Want more time in the day please!!!

In swimwear news, 2 of my textile designs hit the zumiez shelves this week. YAY! hope they sell well *fingers crossed*

the stripey one is hand drawn graphite on top.

I just took a 15 min disco nap in my car on my break and had a crazy dream about rollerskating around an empty art museum like MOCA, with no art on the walls and playing a different drinking game in each room. To reach the next room the game had to be completed. There were teams and it was a race. It was totally silliness. Gotta lay off the Jameson....
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