All Summer in a Day (summerlies) wrote,
All Summer in a Day

"Pain works on a sliding scale..."

" does pleasure in a candy jail.
True love doesn't come around
any more than fate allows
on a monday in ft. lauderdale."
-silver jews

I just bought:
the new Silver Jews album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea.
the new Wolf Parade album, At Mount Zoomer.
and I finally bought Neon Bible by Arcade Fire

I'm totally indie rocking out right now. I love the Silver Jews, listening to them is bringing back all these memories flooding from college, even though this is a totally new album. I think David Berman is a super sexy brilliant poet.
...but I have been SOOOOO sad the past couple of days, I wonder if the nostalgia and the silver jews is fueling that fire. I've been lonely and nihilistic, I need a partner in crime to stir up some trouble with.

to top off this indie rock out, here is a quote by modest mouse about loneliness that I also think about when I am sad about being solo, because near the end, it's how I felt when I was with Eric. You can be lonely even if there are people who love you:

"And I'm lonesome when you're around
And I'm never lonesome when I'm by myself
And I miss you when you're around."


“Cory has been dancing ever since she can remember” is definitely not the way I would begin to describe myself. I didn’t begin to dance in any formal or choreographed way until I was well into my 20s. Hence I am a firm believer that it is never late to start to dance or learn something new – it can revolutionize your life, and that’s what dance (and more recently tribal dance) has done for me. When I did start to dance, it was the beginning of totally transformative and addictive journey with no end in sight.

I started dancing with Carol Cetrone (aka Perpetua), a modern dance performance artist, who taught a fusion of 60s go-go style and tap dancing. After a year of studying with her, she asked me to join her tap-a-go-go troupe, DEATH TAP 2000. I am still a member today, although we are on an extended hiatus due to gentrification and the loss of her studio. This change led me to seek out other dance opportunities. I tried tap with other teachers, as well as Latin dance, and ballroom, but it wasn’t until I started take cabaret-style bellydance with Maryam Faresh, that I found my new focus.

After a year of studying cabaret with Maryam, a friend encouraged me to check out tribal style. Quickly I realized that tribal bellydance was the style I wanted to pursue, so I started taking regular weekly classes with a variety of SoCal teachers including Heather Shoopman, Sherri Wheatley, Superkate & Diana Goodwin. Other dancers I have taken workshops with include: Ariellah. Sabrina Fox, Amy Sigil, Frederique, & Sharon Kihara. In January of this 2008, Heather Shoopman invited me to join her tribal fusion troupe, Se7eN ( Innovative, playful, avant-garde, always sharp, Heather always continues to inspire and awe me with her originality and fresh style. She is a total treasure and fearless leader - I am blessed to dance with her and troupe. Se7eN performs regularly at Heather’s dance studio, Bliss, in Pasadena.

Fire dancing is another art form that calls to my sensibilities. Putting wands of fire in your mouth or spinning balls of fire around your head – that’s sensible right? Well call it the Leo in me, but I’ve always been drawn to the element of fire. From Poi, to fans, to wand work, I am continuing to explore the different way to dance and play with fire… slowly and carefully of course.

Finally, my square dancing pitch….
Recently I have fallen in love with square dancing. I know, I know… flashbacks of sweaty palmed, awkward jr. high P.E. classes may be flashing in your head, but I highly encourage you to give square dancing a chance as an adult. It is one of the few forms of social dance where ANYONE can show up without prior knowledge and dance – no experience necessary. It is refreshing to be able to laugh and have fun, dance with folks, and get some exercise all at once. I also love that it is rooted in American folklorica; the history of some of the dances is incredible. I recommend tuning into the world of LA-based old-timey trio Triple Chicken Foot, who have been organizing regular square dances around town. I would also like to give major props to brilliantata caller Susan Michaels, who I hope to learn a call or two from someday.
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