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fire, party, kitties, c'est la vie!

What a weekend! Troupe threw Heather a big old slumber party at my casa on Saturday night. It was insanely fun and exhausting. That seems to be a constantly theme in my life right now - there is just so much good stuff going on. We decorated the house like a little kids birthday party, Curious George themed, if you must know. I made yummy sangria and veggies for grilling and everyone brought tons of yummy feast. Leila brought a beautiful devil's food cake from Porto's. We lounged in the pool and spa; had birthday fun, and talked about all our upcoming shows and ideas. On August 14th we are performing at Wigout - theme is steampunk, so we spent most of the night as a sweatshop factory of fun and knocked out like 4 costume pieces for everyone. Ironically, we didn't even dance that much. We were too excited about the crafting and partying.
Friday night I took a fire safety class from Zoe my poi teacher. It was exciting to spin lit poi for the first time, even if it was just in one plane. Sat night I did a fire wand/fans dance and learned a valuable lesson. Never do a body transfer after you have just been in the pool! I think the chlorine on my skin must have been responsible for a very minor burn on my stomach... it is still ouchy, but not that bad.
I feel like I have every weekend planned out until the middle of September. Most exciting, I am going to Costa Rica at the end of August for a yoga and dance retreat at Pura Vida with Rachel Brice! EXCITING!!!! I've never paid so much money for anything at once, except my car and and my education. crazy, but worth it. yay... I totally need to get out of dodge for a while.
Had a crazy dream about kitties. Emaciated grungy kittens hanging from ribbons under their armpits attached to red helium filled balloons; floating through the air in a train. they floated into my backyard and I popped the balloons and saved the kitties. weird.
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