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All Summer in a Day
2 August
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ways that I identify include:
artist, explorer, teacher, entertainer, activist, francophile, glamour girl, latch key, listener, protester, tall, lover, vegetarian, daughter, swimmer, student, book worm, vintage, bicyclist, oddball, designer, girl, big, commuter, traveler, crafter, freak, cook, flexible, inventor, collector, over-achiever, feminist, gardener, belly dancer, printer, only child, animal lover, best friend, fighter, couch surfer, teaser, occultist, californian, irish, fetishist, photographer, american, leo, tapper, freak, queer, punk, woman, eccentric, liberal, priviledged, twenty-something, disheveled, rider, polish, stylist, walker, looker, protector, giver, single, dadaist, fire eater, fetishist, singer, scrabble player, planter, vixen
1968, abandoned ruins, absurdity, activism, airlines, anarchy, anomalies, anti-war, apocalypse, art & design, art nouveau, attics, ballrooms, banjo, basements, bicycling, bizarre, boardwalks, bollywood, bondage, bricktops, burlesque, cabaret, campfires, cemeteries, cha cha, chimney sweeps, circus, climbing, collections, costumes, country fair, covers, crimethinc, crushes, cults, cultural studies, dadaism, dandies, death tap 2000, decay, denial, dia de los muertos, diners, drag, ecstasy, erotica, failure, feminism, fetishes, fiddles, fire eating, flappers, forests, french cinema, french revolution, gardens, ghost stories, glamour, glasses, grand pianos, griffith park, gypsy, herbal remedies, hobos, human rights, hyperbole, hysteria, ice skating, jameson whisky, kissing, libraries, lingerie, lost generation, lost love, love, loyalty, mary janes, millinery, mirrors, moonshine, mythology, new wave, occult, off the map, old timey sheet music, open road, paris, parlours, pen pals, photobooths, picnics, pie, pin-ups, pirates, pizza, poi, polaroids, polka dots, pornography, potlatch, psychological tests, ragtime, railroads, rainy days, rebellion, records, red, red wine, resistance, riot grrl, ritual, robots, rococo, roller skating, rollercoasters, rope swings, sailors, saloons, satire, scavenging, scrabble, secrets, self-portraits, semiotics, sewing, sex, silk screen, simulacra, situationists, speakeasy, spontaneity, sustainability, swamps, tap dancing, tea time, teen tragedy, textile design, ties, time travel, travel, travel town, treasure hunts, tribal belly dance, typography, uniforms, vegetarianism, voyeurism, weimar berlin, yoga