All Summer in a Day (summerlies) wrote,
All Summer in a Day

some musings

I feel like my life is a road with lots of fog up ahead and I can't see what's coming. I don't have a plan and I don't have a vision. I'm just coasting along and for now all the plans I had been holding in my heart are on hold because los angeles has seduced me once again. Transition is coming - I can feel it. Maybe it's just not the transition I was expecting.
When I am not busy working or dancing, I am always out of the house doing various awesome things. Is my life too fast paced? I feel like I never allow myself down time. Am I trying to protect myself from solitude by constantly filling my life with activities and events? things that make you go hmmmm.
on a less serious note, life has been pretty dang good. Went to a really fun square dance again, went to Lucent L'amour (a burner ravey circus type night), went to the Alvarado speakeasy, got my haircut, crocheted with my mom, went to the snow to Big Bear and Arrowhead with Neomalie and her family. Been dancing like crazy. Lost 5lbs this month. Lovin my new neighborhood and my 20 minute commute. Want more time in the day please!!!

In swimwear news, 2 of my textile designs hit the zumiez shelves this week. YAY! hope they sell well *fingers crossed*

the stripey one is hand drawn graphite on top.

I just took a 15 min disco nap in my car on my break and had a crazy dream about rollerskating around an empty art museum like MOCA, with no art on the walls and playing a different drinking game in each room. To reach the next room the game had to be completed. There were teams and it was a race. It was totally silliness. Gotta lay off the Jameson....
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