All Summer in a Day (summerlies) wrote,
All Summer in a Day

preggers, no, not me....

My work is like Village of the Damned right now. There are WAY too many ladies with buns in the oven. I am getting really sick of all the mind-numbing baby/mother talk. seriously - gag me with a spoon, it makes me want to barf. I'm not anti-baby, but I am just so uninterested in listening to everyone's dull suburban pregnancy/new born experiences. I can't imagine having kids, although just like gloria steinem getting married, I do reserve the right to change my mind at a later date. But for now, when I hear of someone who is pregnant my intial thought is "sucks to be you," not, "yay! congratulations~!"  no thanks to baby world.  
but YES to pregnancy leave. Can I take pregnancy leave, since I don't plan on getting pregnant like ever? errrr! It's unfair why some things are acceptable to take time off for, while others are deemed unworthy. I swear that the next job I go to, after hire, I am going to front the facade that I have 5 children, my folks live in alaska so I have to go visit them on long trips, and that I have chronic back pain so a weekly chiropractor visit is in order.
Or maybe I just doomed myself to have these very lies be predictions...ahhhhhhhh!!!!

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